Amazon Glacier – Backup your data now!

I have been meaning to put something together to explain to people that it’s not all the difficult to backup your data in the ‘cloud.’ And with Amazon Glacier costing $0.012 per Gb per month (that’s $10.20 per TB per month!!), there are no excuses now.  This price is likely to fall in the coming years as Google continues their price war with Amazon in the cloud computing arena.

It does not come without its caveats though, number one being that upload speeds blow chunks in Australia, an average connection seeing barely 1Mbps, which works out to around 150KB/s, which is not that fast when you’ve got Gigabytes of photos to back up.  But, persist with it, it’s well well worth doing.

Also remember too that Amazon Glacier it meant to be an archive, it cannot be treated like an online cloud drive.  Once you upload data it is immediately archived, if you require access to data uploaded to an Amazon Glacier Vault, you need to first ask Amazon to retrieve this data, which takes up to 3-4 hours to complete and also comes at a small cost for retrieval.

If there’s anything in the guide that does not make sense or needs some more clarification, please do let me know.

Enjoy your cheap peace of mind for your precious data.

Amazon Glacier Cloud Storage Guide

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